Easy Season 3 Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Netflix’s Dramedy

Easy season 3 is bringing back many fan-favorite characters and welcoming some new characters. The best part is that it shot in Chicago and beautifully captures the true beauty of the city. This nuanced charming comedy involves every character and asks their opinions as well.

When Easy Season 3 Is Coming Up?

Since season 1 in 2016, the easy has won the hearts of the fans, but they had to wait too long after the second season premiered in 2017. So wait is almost over because we will watch the sex-positive series by Joey Swanberg on May 10th, 2019 on the only streaming giant the Netflix Direct TV Internet.

Easy Season 3 Plot And Cast

The official synopsis of the show reveals the Easy season 3 as an anthology series by Joe Swanberg, “explores the modern mazes of love, sex, technology, and culture.” This season the show will be star-studded and many familiar faces from the previous seasons like Malin Ackerman, Orlando Bloom, Jake Johnson, Emily Ratajkowski Hannibal Buress, and Rebecca Spence. And along with the old cast, there will be guest appearance and new faces like Melanie Lynskey. Overall with Dave Franco, Marc Maron, Jane Adams, Zadie Beetz, Michael Chernus, Aya Cash, Kiersey Clemons, Kate Micucci, Elizabeth Reaser, Eva Jonigkeit, and Jacqueline Toboni Easy season 3 will come back for the third time.

Who Is The Director And Is There Any Trailer Of The Third Season?

Joe Swanberg is the only man behind this modern representation of the varied sexual representation of the modern age man. Joe is an independent film director, an actor and producer and also a writer. Joe is one of those film producers who has set the career of the new actors like Lena Dunham and Greta Gerwig. Unfortunately, there is no official trailer up till today to show you but except a small teaser of season 3 Dramedy series ‘Easy’ in Spectrum Bundles.

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